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medres PhysioSuite - physiological parameters of the animals

Documentation & Control

PhysioSuite® – An app that facilitates documentation for researchers while providing
remote access to the supervisor to ensure the success of the execution.

Neat & reduced

PhysioSuite® was developed together with researchers. It is completely adapted to their needs and shows the important parameters of the animals at a single glance.

Safety & control

Supervisors of experiments often manage several staff members who are assigned to specific tasks. They cannot guarantee full supervision at all times. With PhysioSuite® we have increased the security for a correct execution of the experiments. Remotely, you can access each experiment, set your own framework parameters and intervene in case of need.

Intuitively & simple

The handling is easy for every user, no matter if there is an IT affinity or not. So everyone can immediately find what they are looking for, e.g. when using the timeline.

Discover the PhysioSuite®

medres PhysioSuite - physiological parameters of the animals

Operating system: Apple iOS

Device: iPad (Support for iPhone will come soon)

Your process – We can help!!!

With its PhysioSuite®, medres consistently follows the modular approach. Our customers have the choice: to map their complete processes with medres products, or using them for individual parts of the processes. PhysioSuite® of course always needs a sensor system. Within experiments, all steps can be monitored multiparametrically. Scientists are free to define which parameters they want to see and document automatically. The standard set includes respiration, temperature and anesthesia. For cardio, we also offer ECG measurement.

It is “Good Scientific Practice” to provide complete documentation of the data collected. But how exactly do you implement this? We know the challenges and have solved them with PhysioSuite®. The sensor data is saved to your database and you can make it available at any time. You can concentrate on your experiments and don’t need to use the computer in the meantime!

At the interface to our MACU® and SAL® products, PhysioSuite® offers automated acquisition of physiological parameters of your animals. This gives full control to those performing the experiments as well as to their supervisors. Analytics are thus enhanced and continuous data are available. Therefore, statements gain in validity while comparability as well as reproducibility are increased.

From an economic point of view, the use of PhysioSuite® eliminates the time needed for manual, selective documentation of parameters. Through this each installation pays off after a short time.

Supervisors appreciate the remote access and the possibility to define their own limit values for alarms. In this way, they can reduce the risk of overlooked events and they can take immediate action in an emergency situation. In this way, PhysioSuite® increases safety in the execution of experiments, which in turn is also beneficial for animal welfare.

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