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Highest quality is our aspiration!

“Made in Germany“ – was intended to protect Great Britain at the end of the 19th century from supposedly cheap and inferior imported goods. Today, on the contrary, it stands for the highest quality worldwide. As a manufactory, we have geared each of our production steps towards this and we are proud to keep production and even our suppliers regional while maintaining full scalability. As a result, the quality of our products gains and our company is less vulnerable to events outside of Germany. In particular, the challenges posed by Covid-19 clearly demonstrated this advantage.

On the other hand, we are closely linked with the regional economy, which already supports us in the development of new products and the further development of existing ones. We can use feedback from our suppliers and partners immediately to review and, if necessary, improve our manufacturing.

This requires openness and a willingness for continuous review and adjustments.

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Collaboration with researchers

The physical location in Cologne was key. As a spin-off from the Max-Planck-Institute in Cologne, we are still part of the campus. The physical proximity to the scientists is lived practice, for example when they drop by for a coffee and want to see what our latest developments are. This closeness and solidarity is a great asset for us! It has already given rise to wonderful ideas and products, such as the GasDocUnit.

On the one hand, we receive valuable ideas and on the other hand, researchers always find an open ear for their projects and questions. We can only develop really good products if we know exactly what the users want and what their processes are. Our network helps to make our products better and better.

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Regionality versus price

Does this have to be a contradiction? Unfortunately, these two areas are too often not very compatible. Companies that depend on constantly growing shareholder value usually have their products manufactured in countries with the lowest possible labor costs. Reducing labor costs is an effective way of keeping product prices at an optimum level. On the other hand, if it says “Made in Germany“ on the label, it really has to be Made in Germany! We reject price wars that may lead to relocations into other countries. Consequently, we cannot and we do not want to undercut our competitors at any price – just to maintain or gain market shares.

For us, regional production is much more than just a label. It guarantees us quality, speed and flexibility in development and a higher security within the supply chain. It is not about the last “My“ (µ) in production costs. We are happy to pay for the best quality in parts. And by the way: our ecological footprint is smaller.

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