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medres SAL - Standalone Animal Lab

Concentration on the essentials

SAL® – Standalone Animal Lab – was developed for pharmaceutical research. Our goal is to create the highest possible level of automation and standardization for the researcher, so that full attention can be given to the experiments.

Full system & modularity

Two terms that do not have to be mutually exclusive! SAL is designed as a complete system solution and consists of: AnesthesiaControl, KnockoutBox, SurgicalBoard, TemperatureBoard. On request, we can also offer you the modules individually.

Reduced & efficient

The design of each module has been optimized for functionality and efficiency. The result for the user is the avoidance of unnecessary intermediate steps while at the same time creating the greatest possible convenience in use. SAL as a complete solution eliminates the cumbersome, error-prone integration of subsystems.

Laboratory-tested & compatible

Developed on behalf of the Max-Planck-Institute and successfully used by medium-sized and large research and development institutions such as Bayer or AbbVie, SAL can be perfectly integrated into existing processes.

Discover the SAL®

SAL®  can be purchased as a full system or with its individual modules – tailored to your needs. The modules are:
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The module consists of a “vaporizer”, a “flow meter” and a “gas sensor” which enables you to control the anesthesia.

medres - SAL KnockoutBox


The module is a transparent, closed box in which the test animal is initially anesthetized. After anesthesia induction, the anesthetic gas is quickly evacuated so that the experiment can begin.

medres - SAL SurgicalBoard


The module is a transparent, open board for small animal preparation or surgery with temperature control, which is essential for optimal results.

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The module is a transparent, open board for small animals, which can be integrated e.g. into existing stereotaxy frames. It is used to control the temperature of the test animals for optimal results.

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The module is a transparent, closed box in which the test animal is discharged under controlled parameters.

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