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Initiative Transparent Animal Testing

Humane & animal welfare compliant euthanasia for rodents

With the GasDocUnit® researchers may euthanize their research animals in a decentralized, fully automated, user-independent manner and in compliance with animal welfare laws. Thus medres aims to build a bridge between necessary animal experiments and the best possible animal welfare.

Humane & animal welfare compliant

The GasDocUnit® complies with the requirements of the AVMA Guidelines of 2020, the German Animal Welfare Act (TierSchG), the Ordinance on the Protection of Laboratory Animals (TierSchVersV) and Directive 2010/63/EU.

Simple & safe

The cycle is started automatically when the IVC is inserted. After the indicator light turns off, the animals are euthanized stress-free and safely in their home cage environment.

Laboratory proven & compatible

Developed in cooperation with CECAD
– in vivo Research Facility Cologne,
the GasDocUnit® can be used
anywhere in the laboratory
with minimal space requirements
and it is compatible with
most of the common IVCs.

Discover the GasDocUnit®

medres - GasDocUnit - without IVC

The GasDocUnit®

The new version is compatible with any CO2 inlet pressure between 1 and 10 bar dyn. Nevertheless, the intuitive handling and the simple connection of power and CO2 remain the same. The adapters for all common CO2 connections are of course included with every GasDocUnit®.

Amortized after about one year

Using the GasDocUnit® saves money. Researchers may use it to improve the utilization of IVCs in a decentralized and deman-driven manner. Each day of IVC utilization costs approximately 6 to 15 EUR. On this basis you may calculate the economic benefit of the GasDocUnit® .

Dimensions: 21.2 cm (H) : 24 cm (W) : 60 cm (D)
Power: 6 Watts
Weight: approx. 8 kg (incl. packaging approx. 9 kg)

Connections: Input 24 V DC 0.3 A (from plug-in power supply), gas hose (LDPE) with coupling plug 2 m.
Pressure: Any input pressure between 1 and 10 bar dyn. is compatible with the GasDocUnit® .

Here are the FAQ

Compatibility with IVCs

medres GasDocuUnit for Allentown NexGen and XJN
medres GasDocuUnit for Allentown NexGen and XJ

Allentown – NexGen

Allentown – XJ Edge

Allentown – XJ


GasDocUnit® AT NG/XJ M

Medres GasDocuUnit for Tecniplast Blue Line 1145T - Typ I SL

Tecniplast – Blue Line 1145T – Type I SL

GasDocUnit® TP BL 1145

medres GasDocuUnit for Tecniplast Blueline

Tecniplast – Blue Line 1284L – Typ II L
(“Blue Line Classic“)

GasDocUnit® TP BL 1284

Medres GasDocuUnit for Tecniplast Blue Line 1285L - Typ II L

Tecniplast – Blue Line 1285L – Typ II L
(“Blue Line Next“)

GasDocUnit® TP BL 1285

medres GasDocuUnit for Tecniplast Greenline

Tecniplast – Green Line GM 500

GasDocUnit® TP GL GM 500

Medres GasDocuUnit for Tecniplast Emerald EM 500

Tecniplast – Emerald EM 500

GasDocUnit® TP EL EM 500

Medres GasDocUnit for Tecniplast Blue Line 1291H

Tecniplast – Blue Line 1291H – Type III

GasDocUnit® R TP BL 1291

Medres GasDocUnit for Innovive Innocage Universal Euro II Type Long

Innovive – Innocage Universal Euro II Type Long

GasDocUnit® IV IC M

Handling & security

medres - GasDocUnit - connections

You connect the GasDocUnit® to your gas supply (1 to 10 bar dyn.) and the power supply.

medres - GasDocUnit - IVC docking

When the IVC is docked into the GasDocUnit®, the cycle starts automatically.

medres - GasDocUnit - cycle detection

As long as the cycle is running (6 min.) the control LEDs light up red. After completition the LEDs turn off and the IVC can be undocked.

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