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medres MACU - Multimodal Animal Carrier Unit

Carrier system for mice and rats in MRI, PET, SPECT, CT and BLI/FLI

MACU® – Multimodal Animal Carrier Unit – was developed for image-based research in mice and rats and fills the gaps of conventional systems. Advantages: autoclavable, anesthesia measurement and control, temperature measurement and control, gas/vacuum mask.

User-centered & laboratory-proven

MACU® also allows for the recording of the animals’ physiological parameters. The animal core temperature can be kept constantly at ± 0.2 °C. Gases are exhausted to protect animal and experimenter from anesthetics. And with the “TWIN version”, they are twice as fast and save money on expensive tracers.

Full system & modularity

Two terms that do not have to be mutually exclusive! As a “frontend” it can be combined with SAL (“backend”) to a complete solution for experiments on mice or rats with injection or inhalation anesthesia.

One solution & many applications

There are many animal carrier systems – MACU® is special: temperatures can be optimally controlled via water based heating and cooling, temperature measurement via rectal temperature probes, ECG (pulse is often sufficient) and respiration can be used as trigger signals for MRI and PET experiments and moreover it is autoclavable.

Discover the MACU®

MACU® supports your experiments:
medres - MACU - modalities


Fast and reproducible small animal imaging in MRI, PET, SPECT, CT and OI with trigger functionality.

medres - medical research GmbH - MACU - open system

Open system

Often it is not the hardware that is the largest cost factor, but the interface. Not with us! Our interface is open, so that data acquisition is possible with standard tools such as DASYLab or LabView, or you purchase our PhysioSuite® for this purpose.

medres MACU - thermal coupling

Temperature control

MACU® is better because temperature can be controlled much more accurately with water than with electricity/air. Especially in MRI the cooling is a big advantage, because without this function examination pauses have to be taken.

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