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medres – OptoStim: MRI compatible monitor

Functional studies (fMRI), interventional Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging (iCMR) & patient entertainment

OptoStim® – a special monitor for usage inside the MRI cabin. The “one for all” – solution: multifunctional (fMRI, iCMR and patient entertainment) and for any size of MRI cabins!

Resolution & size

OptoStim® is 30″ (30 inches = 76 cm) in size and has a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels (4 megapixels, pixel density 0.25 mm). Despite its size it fits perfectly into any MR scanner cabin – no matter how small it is – still with full visability of the image area (unlike competitive products). OptoStim®  display and stand can be freely moved and positioned in the MRI cabin.

+ Patient entertainment = 1 Price

Developed for neurological studies on behalf of the Max-Plank-Institute, OptoStim® can be used in all areas of functional studies. In the business field, OptoStim® is also used for patient entertainment. Considering that MR sequences often have to be repeated when the patient is restless, OptoStim® helps to reduce the process costs for radiological institutions. Since monitors are quite similar, no matter for which purposes they are used, OptoStim® fulfills all purposes but for one price! You get a versatile monitor that is much more flexible than products that serve only one usecase.

Modular & expandable

Due to its versatile interfaces OptoStim® is an open and expandable system, which can be controlled e.g. with any PC or MAC. It can be equipped with various extensions, e.g. MotionDetect, a remote control or headphones for the patient. We are also happy to offer you the modules as a supplement to your existing systems – please contact us.

Discover the OptoStim®

medres - OptoStim - Optical Stimmulation Monitor - installation

Dimensions: 465 mm (H) : 702 mm (W) : 63 mm (D)
Input voltage: 100-240 V
Weight: 13,9 kg, (incl. packaging approx. 16 kg)

Quality Made in Germany

medres attaches great importance to the regional production – including the supplier parts. You will receive products from us that truely deserve the label “Made in Germany”. The quality of our products reflects exactly that claim: OptoStim® has been successfully used for more than six years by the DZNE and the DLR in their PET-MR scanners (Siemens Biograph mMR).


Furthermore, OptoStim® can be complemented modularly, e.g. with headphones, an MR-compatible remote control, PatientResponseSticks, a visual field camera, PatientEyeTracking, ECG or EMG measurement.

The high resolution of OptoStim® with a pixel density of 0.06 mm2 provides a viewing angle of 42° in width and an angular resolution of 1.0 arc minutes even with short MRI systems (e.g. Siemens Skyra) and an optical path length of only 95 cm. This corresponds to the resolution of the human eye. The OptoStim® screen diagonal of 76 cm makes optimal use of the maximum viewing angle through the magnetic bore of 70 cm.

From a business point of view OptoStim® is used for patient entertainmet. When it comes to anxious and restless patients, MR sequences often have to be repeated (raising the process costs). Therefore OptoStim® helps to reduce costs for radiological institutions.

medres - OptoStim - Optical Stimmulation Monitor
We are also happy to offer you the modules as a supplement to your existing systems – please contact us!
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